Hi, my name is Nathan.

It is my mission to help people to look incredible on the outside and feel amazing on the inside.

I have spent my whole life around sport and fitness. I was a keen footballer, managing to play for Crewe Alexandra F.C for five years as a youngster, including a two-year scholarship. After this didn’t go to plan, I pursued a career in Health and Fitness. I completed a degree in BSc Sports and Exercise Science, and have since completed my Master Trainer qualification and subsequent nutrition short courses.

Now enough about me, I want to talk about YOU. How can I help you?!

Well I combine the knowledge I have gained through my qualifications, alongside my unrelenting passion to help people, to aid you in achieving your health and fitness goals. I have an extreme passion for learning, and am always looking to better myself so that I can best serve those who come to me for help.

I am a firm believer in habit development. Anybody can do, or teach people to do, a crash diet and lose some easy pounds, that is not difficult. The problem is, this is not sustainable. I believe in coaching; enabling people to develop strong nutrition, training and mindset habits that will not only produce results in the short-term, but be sustainable in to the distant future. Not only this, I want to teach you to be able to do this on your own, so that you can take control of your own health and fitness journey. This is something that needs to work AND something you need to enjoy, without these, results will not sustain.

Contact me today to find out more about how we can work together on your journey to a happier and healthier life.

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