TIP OF THE DAY – Focus on the positives.

Focus on bright spots.

As humans we are so obsessed with what is wrong. We look at the negatives a lot more than we look at positives. Truth is, we’re incredibly hard on ourselves. Unfortunately in most cases, bad is stronger than good. We have problem focus.

Analyse your thinking and you’ll see examples of this. One easy one in terms of health and fitness is when you have an amazing week smashing your exercise and nutrition goals and then you have an impromptu binge. What do you tend to focus on?! Do you ever praise yourself for doing so well all week?! Or do you instantly focus on that one hour of madness?!!

This can occur in so many areas of our lives. Psychologists have dubbed it our ‘predilection for the negative’.

We tend to ask ourselves ‘what’s broken and how can we fix it?’

Instead I challenge you to ask this question : ‘what’s working and how can we do more of it?!’

This question helps us to focus on the solution, and not the problem.

An alcoholic goes an hour without a drink, focus on that success and not the other ‘failures’.

Your kid gets 4 A’s and 1 D, focus on the A’s and what’s working well in this subjects and how you use that to help with the others.

3 out of 50 salesman sell like crazy. Don’t focus on what’s wrong with the 47, focus on what the 3 are doing different and how you can use that to help the other 47.

Think of what you do well and why it is that you’re good at it, and then think how you can use that to help with things you tend to not do so well at.

Think solutions, not problems.

What’s working and how can we do more of it?!

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